Valentine’s Day Desserts for Two

Looking for easy and sweet Valentine’s Day Desserts for Two?  Look no further!  I’ve compiled some of the most popular Butter and Bliss recipes for two.  Everything from cakes, cupcakes, and creamy desserts!

Cakes For Two

You either love or hate Valentine’s Day.  Me – I am a fan.  But probably only because of the excuse to eat copious amounts of sweets.  That said, I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes made just for two.  And what better way than to start with cake.

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie is a classic dessert.  Classic in that it has been around for a while.  And classic because it combines deliciously sweet layers of sponge cake hugging a creamy vanilla pastry cream filling.  Pour a little chocolate ganache over the top and you have one of the best cakes I’ve ever had!

Chocolate Mint Mini Cake

Chocolate and Mint – two flavors that were made to go together.  The Chocolate Mint Mini Cake is super moist and does not have an overly assertive chocolate flavor.  Again with the frosting – a minty swiss meringue buttercream.  It is lighter and sweeter than a classic buttercream frosting, and the perfect companion to the chocolate cake!

Angel Food Cake

Last and certainly not least is the Mini Angel Food Cake.  Not what you would expect for Valentine’s Day Cake, but it may be your go-to from now on.  The angel food is as light as a pillow, and a fluffy whipped coconut cream frosting is even lighter.            

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Cupcakes for Two

Do cupcakes for two really count as a small batch when you eat 3 or 4 of them in one sitting?  Yes, yes they do.

Strawberry Cupcakes

Ok, so strawberries are a little cliche for Valentine’s Day Desserts.  But who cares.  They are delicious.  These Strawberry Cupcakes are made with fresh strawberries, both in the cupcake and the frosting.  Bring on the champagne!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Filling

Now you’re talking.  Chocolate pudding in a cupcake.  Add a little chocolate chip buttercream on top and I promise, you will eat at least 3 of these Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Filling in one sitting!

Sparkling Cupcakes with Vegan Frosting

These Sparkling Cupcakes are my take on adding soda pop to cake mixes.  Except, no cake mix here and we’re using flavored sparkling water instead of soda.  Plus, a vegan buttercream frosting makes these cupcakes just as indulgent, with half the guilt!

Creamy Desserts for Two

Arguably my favorite kind of dessert:  pudding, mousse, custard, pastry cream, etc., etc.  And any flavor will do.  In fact, any flavor must do.  🙂

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Chocolate Pots de Creme is really just a baked pudding.  And making these is easy – make them ahead of time while you enjoy your romantic dinner.  Topped with a little whipped cream and you have the epitome of a Valentine’s Day Dessert! 

Butterscotch Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Butterscotch and chocolate go together like you and your sweetie.  These rich and creamy Butterscotch Chocolate Pudding Parfaits will make you wish you had about 4 more parfaits to share.  

Cranberry Granita Vanilla Parfaits

How about a little tart and sweet to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  And let’s be honest, I’m missing holiday cranberry.  Cranberry Granita Vanilla Parfaits will catch up on those cravings – plus, they are just so lovely!

More Small Batch Puddings & Mousse Recipes

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies!  🙂

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