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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Small Batch Gluten Free Chocolate Chips Cookies that are chewy on the inside with caramelized edges on the outside.  Perfect bakery-style cookies that you'll never know are gluten free!

A classic cookie with all the delicious features a chocolate chip cookie should have.  And they're gluten free!  

why you'll love these chocolate chip cookies:

-They don't taste gluten free! -Chewy centers -Crispy edges -Buttery -Perfectly sweet

easy ingredient list

oat flour almond flour sweet rice flour tapioca flour baking soda salt butter brown sugar cane sugar egg yolk vanilla chocolate chips

the combination of oat, almond, sweet rice, and tapioca flour give these cookies their trademark chewy + crispy texture.

and a extra dose of chocolate chips compliment the buttery sweetness from the brown sugar, cane sugar, vanilla, and butter.

the easiest and best small batch chocolate chip cookies - that also happen to be gluten free!

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