gluten free + small batch

Matcha Cookies

Small Batch Gluten Free Matcha Lemon cookies that are soft and finished with a lemon glaze.  An almond flour blend makes the cookies tender - while matcha powder makes the cookies stunning!

The small batch cookies are delicately sweet and have a beautiful vibrancy and graceful earthy flavor.

why you'll love these matcha cookies:

-They don't taste gluten free! -NO eggs! -Incredibly soft -Small batch recipe -SUPER easy to make -Lemon icing

simple ingredient list

almond flour arrowroot flour matcha powder salt butter powdered sugar vanilla lemon zest & juice

matcha green tea powder beautifully balances the sweetness of the sugar and tartness of the zest in these cookies.

the gluten free cookies wouldn't be complete without a zesty lemon icing that is vivid to the eyes and tastebuds!

the small batch gluten free cookies are so stunning and make a great dessert for any spring celebration!

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