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Gluten Free Mini Lemon Loaf

Gluten Free Mini Iced Lemon Loaf is a small batch, gluten free, and naturally sweetened version of the beloved coffeehouse iced lemon loaf!

An abundance of fresh lemon in the loaf cake & icing flavors this sublimely moist & sturdy lemon loaf.

why you'll love this gluten free lemon loaf:

-It doesn't taste gluten free! -The best copycat lemon loaf -Soft & moist cake -Refined sugar free -The lemony icing

easy ingredient list

almond flour sweet rice flour tapioca flour baking powder salt cream cheese butter egg vanilla maple syrup fresh lemon juice & zest

the combination of almond, sweet rice, and tapioca flour make this loaf cake incredibly soft, moist, and sturdy enough for hand-held slices.

plus the indulgent lemon glaze is literally the frosting on this cake!  lemon juice & powdered sugar are all you need to make the glaze.

this is the sweetest - and brightest - little lemon loaf cake to celebrate citrus season!

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