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6-Inch Vanilla Cake

This small gluten free vanilla cake is an incredibly soft, light, and moist 6-inch mini cake.  An almond flour blend makes the cake flavorful and lofty, and you would never know it is gluten free!

The small cake is ideal for any celebration and even more indulgent with a creamy fudge frosting crown!

why you'll love this gluten free vanilla cake:

-It doesn't taste gluten free! -Pillowy soft & moist cake -Beautiful vanilla flavor -Pretty celebration cake -Versatile - add different flavors

ingredient list

almond flour coconut flour tapioca flour baking powder  xanthan gum salt sugar coconut oil sour cream milk egg vanilla

the small batch recipe makes a 6-inch cake that can easily be cut into 4 to 6 cake slices.  or make the cake into a small batch of cupcakes.

finish the cake with a super creamy & fudgy frosting.  the chocolate + vanilla combination is a classic and great for any celebration!

the little cake is so easy & fun to decorate with your favorite sprinkles or frosting.

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