Creamy Vanilla Frosting


Vanilla Butter Free Frosting made with coconut milk and coconut oil, and just as tasty as traditional buttercream!  The frosting is super creamy with rich vanilla flavor.

Frost your favorite cupcakes or cakes with the frosting or use it as a filling between two cookies!

why you'll love this butter free frosting:

-Tastes just like dairy frosting -Made with coconut cream & oil -It's secretly vegan -Easy to make -Perfect for cakes & cupcakes

easy ingredient list

canned coconut cream refined coconut oil vanilla extract powdered sugar salt

Thick Brush Stroke

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unsweetened canned coconut cream is at the base of the frosting.  It adds a creaminess and soft texture.

refined coconut oil combines with the coconut cream to make the 'fat' in the frosting.  Which makes it thick and frost'able!

the frosting can be piped onto your favorite small batch of cupcakes or small celebration cake.

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