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Caramel Banana Overnight Oats

This is an easy layered breakfast recipe for Caramel Banana Overnight Oats made with gluten free rolled oats, ripe bananas, maple syrup caramel sauce, and oat milk.

A gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free treat healthy enough for breakfast and decadent enough for dessert! 

why you'll love these overnight oats:

-Indulgent breakfast treat -Caramel + Bananas -Healthier -Breakfast OR Dessert -EASY to make

easy ingredient list

bananas rolled oats canned coconut milk maple syrup caramel oat milk cinnamon salt

only a few ingredients needed!  plus, homemade maple syrup caramel sauce (click for recipe!) take the overnight oats to the next level of delicious!

complement the flavor of the oats with oat milk!  incredibly creamy unsweetened dairy alternative that make the oats extra creamy.

layer bananas, oats, and caramel sauce for a tasty breakfast parfait.  finish with a dollop of whipped coconut cream.

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