Super Creamy Mango Mousse


Velvety and Creamy Mango Mousse celebrates the pure flavor of the tropical fruit. Fresh mango puree is combined with whipped coconut cream for the creamiest dessert for two!

The beautiful mousse is easy to make and only requires 7 ingredients - including water!

why you'll love this mango mousse:

-Easy to make -Simple, yet elegant dessert -Dairy-free & refined sugar free -Portable - great for picnics! -Irresistibly creamy

easy ingredient list

fresh mangoes lemon juice honey gelatin water coconut cream Tajin -for topping!

fresh mangoes are pureed then folded into light & fluffy whipped coconut cream.  don't forget to reserve a little extra puree for topping!

what may be the best part, is the citrusy spicy Tajin seasoning to sprinkle over the top of the fresh mango chunks garnish!

the mango mousse sets in the fridge for a bit - to get smooth, thick, and ultra creamy - YUM!

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