Gluten Free & Small Batch

Cut-Out  Sugar Cookies

Small Batch Gluten Free Cut Out Sugar Cookies made with almond flour that hold their shape!  The cookies are lightly sweet, soft, & perfect for holiday decorating.

Cut-out sugar cookies are a must for the holiday's and these gluten free sugar cookies are a must try!

why you'll love these gluten free sugar cookies:

-Hold Their Shape -They're Soft and Sturdy -Delicately Sweet -Easy To Decorate -Easier To Make!


a simple list of ingredients

almond flour arrowroot flour tapioca flour baking powder salt butter sugar egg yolk vanilla

this small batch cookie dough is incredibly easy to make.  and you can add different flavors (even chocolate chips!) for a little flavor variety.

the cookie dough is best when chilled - to make the perfect cut-out that keeps its shape when baked.

of course, sugar cookies aren't complete without bright & festive royal icing decorations!

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