How To Make Blueberry Lemonade

easy & refreshing

This easy Blueberry Lemonade recipe starts with homemade blueberry simple syrup, then the perfect ratio of lemon juice & water is added for a truly refreshing drink.

Summer and lemonade are a classic duo – and this blueberry lemonade will make you wish it was summer all the time!

why you'll love this blueberry lemonade:

-Made with fresh blueberries -Easy to make -Lovely beverage -Extra refreshing -IT'S HOMEMADE!

easy ingredient list

ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS! fresh blueberries lemon juice sugar water

the homemade lemonade starts with an easy to make blueberry simple syrup - made with fresh blueberries.

for the prettiest lemonade, start with a layer of blueberry syrup, fresh blueberries, and a slice of lemon.

the beautiful layers of the lemonade are so inviting & delicious to every last sip!

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