black forest cupcakes

small batch

An easy small batch recipe for Black Forest Cupcakes!  Decadent chocolate cupcakes are topped with fresh cherry filling, fluffy whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a cherry on top!

The super rich & moist cupcakes are made without eggs! Buttermilk & oil keeps these chocolate cupcakes pillowy soft.

why you'll love these black forest cupcakes:

-Moist & tender cupcakes -No eggs required -Fresh cherry compote -Pretty stunning dessert -Sweet small batch

easy ingredient list

flour cocoa powder baking powder & soda salt canola oil buttermilk white & brown sugar hot coffee vanilla extract fresh cherries whipped cream

the highlight of the cupcakes is the homemade cherry compote.  made with fresh cherries, maple syrup & cornstarch.

the literal cherry on top of these cupcakes is a spread of cherry compote, fluffy whipped cream, and a proud fresh cherry.

and don't forget some chocolate shavings for added flavor & a pretty presentation!

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