strawberry s'mores parfaits

gluten free

Gluten Free Strawberry S’mores Parfaits combine silky vegan chocolate pudding, gluten free graham cracker crumbs & toasty marshmallows for a decadent no-bake summer dessert!

All the delicious flavors of s'mores transformed into a beautiful & portable small batch summer dessert!

why you'll love these s'mores parfaits:

-Fresh strawberry layer -Gluten free -All the s'mores flavors! -Easy to make -Beautiful portable dessert

easy ingredient list

fresh strawberries gf graham crackers marshmallows coconut cream coconut milk maple syrup cocoa powder cornstarch vanilla extract salt

fresh strawberries add a bright flavor & they pair deliciously with the chocolate in this easy s'mores dessert!

all the flavors you love with s'mores are layered beautifully in the parfaits.  and they are an easy hand-held dessert.

finish the summer parfaits with a toasted marshmallow to amplify the s'mores flavor!

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make the s'mores parfaits today!

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