Black Cherry Cream Soda

dairy free

Elevate your summer sipping on a dairy-free black cherry cream soda that is homemade!  Fresh cherry syrup meets coconut cream, then topped with black cherry sparkling water.

the soda-shop inspired fizzy beverage is light, creamy, fruity, and totally refreshing!

why you'll love this homemade cherry soda:

– Sweet fresh cherries – Dairy free – Refined sugar free – SUPER creamy – Easy to customize

easy ingredient list

cherries lemon juice maple syrup can of coconut milk sparkling water

juicy cherries are heated into a lightly sweetened syrup to impart the flavor into the cream soda.

canned coconut milk serves as the cream in the cream soda - for a dessert-worthy summer beverage!

the soda is topped with cherry flavored sparkling water, and a fresh cherry garnish.

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