Peach and Cream Cheese Tarts

easy small batch

A small batch recipe for rustic peach and cream cheese mini tarts made with homemade pastry, freshly sliced peaches, cream cheese slices, and a cinnamon honey glaze.

these tasty tarts are a delicious way to celebrate beautiful summer peaches!

why you'll love these peach tarts:

– Easy to make – Bright, fresh peaches – Incredibly flaky crust – Bubbly cream cheese – Delicately sweet

easy ingredient list

peaches cream cheese flour butter sugar  salt vinegar heavy cream honey lemon juice cinnamon & ginger

this is a simple, no-fuss dessert that showcases slices of bright and sweet fresh peaches.  topped with a little cinnamon honey glaze!

holding the peaches is the flakiest, buttery, and easy to make pastry dough - that easily doubles as a pie dough!

and a surprise layer of bubbly honey sweetened cream cheese to pair with the peaches!

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