Extra Flaky

Almond Croissants

Delicate and flaky Almond Croissants made from scratch! Buttery croissants are filled with rich almond cream for delicious bakery-style croissants!

These tasty pastries are an irresistible treat - and a great idea for a special breakfast or holiday brunch!

why you'll love these almond croissants:

-Indulgent almond cream filling -Extra flaky layers -Rich buttery flavor -Step-by-step easy instructions -They're HOMEMADE!


a simple list of ingredients

almond flour almond extract yeast all-purpose flour sugar salt water milk egg BUTTER!

the highlight of these incredible almond croissants is the almond cream filling.  made with almond flour, butter, and almond flavor.

the almond croissants start from a batch of homemade classic croissants.  an EASY TO FOLLOW recipe!

then fill and cover the flaky croissants with plenty of almond cream and slivered almonds.

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