Small Batch Baking Essentials

Baking Equipment

Small batch baking often requires smaller baking equipment and kitchen tools. I have curated a list of kitchenware and equipment I use in my own kitchen, and that I recommend for the recipes on the blog.  

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the baker’s best friend.

a must-have with the mixer.

my favorite kitchen tool!

a worthy multi-use investment.

not just for smoothies.

you’ll be happy you have it!

my second favorite kitchen tool!

for caramel, candy, and jams.

my go-to baking sheet.

handy smaller size baking sheet.

great for toasting nuts & prep.

for the half baking sheet.

the only round cake pan I use.

the only square cake pan I use.

ideal for mini cheesecakes.

individual cheesecakes.

sweet individual loafs.

makes mini cakes and brownies.

6-cavity small batch pan.

great for mini cakes and bread.

great for mini tube cakes.

individual pies, cobblers, & crisps.

the perfect mini pie!

sweet individual mini cakes.

for super cute cakes.

with removable bottoms.

great for cobblers & crisps.

handy small size serving dish.

variety of sizes with lids!

essential for small quantity liquids.

perfect for small batch batter.

the only spatulas I use!

a must for small batch baking.

handy sizes for small batch baking.

my go-to cookie scoop!

easy all-purpose thermometer.

easy (and safe) to use torch.

for precise measuring.

easy to grab sheets.

great for cookies too!

a must for small batch doughs.

non-slip & has measurements!

my go-to for frosting.

variety of sizes for many uses!