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I’m Erin, and thank you for stopping by!

I’ll start by saying I haven’t always been a fan of butter (gasp!) … I didn’t appreciate what it adds to a recipe.  I thought it was too unhealthy and I thought the butter substitutes were just as good.  Well, let’s just say I have seen the error of my ways.

I am a 100% self-taught home baker, proud Colorado native, Westie Mom, and happy & healthy lifestyle enthusiast.  I share my life with my husband and my two handsome pups, Jack & Sam.  They have all agreed to be the official Butter & Bliss Quality Control team. Translation: they eat what I bake.

I have a degree in interior design and for the past five years, I have been putting my education to work running my own interior design business.  Prior to that, I worked in the corporate world doing design, marketing, and customer service.  And while I still practice design, it is at a much smaller scale to make room for Butter & Bliss.

Single serving of strawberry smores parfait in a serving glass

About Butter & Bliss

Way back when, I had a boss tell me that do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Now, I’ve seen this delightfully iterated on many inspirational posters, but truer words were never spoken.

Butter & Bliss grew out of encouragement and loads of support from my dear husband.  I decided to take my love for watching cooking shows to practice, and because I am a vegetarian, I gravitated towards baking.  The excitement of learning and trying something new was awesome.  With my husband’s simple statement of ‘you should write about what you are learning’, the blog was born.

Butter & Bliss is a personal blog, written by me, and is now my full-time job.  It is my creative outlet to document and share my home baking creations. 

My Favorite Butter and Bliss Recipes

A plate of chewy homemade pretzels

About My Home Baking

I like food, I like to eat food, and I have a weakness for a good dessert.  Being self-taught, I like to read, then read some more about new recipes, techniques, and ingredients. Every post will be baked by me, in my own kitchen.  

While I will never post a recipe that I have not tested and re-tested again, my hope is by sharing my baking experiences it may help another home baker or spark a conversation on what could be done differently next time.  What I love most about home baking – there is the instant gratification of seeing (and tasting!) what you created.

Though Butter & Bliss is a place where I share my recipes, it is still personal.  I don’t have a culinary background and every recipe I share is baked and created by me.  Everything I write is my own opinion and I will never make any medical or scientific claims when it comes to food and the ingredients I use.  I fully embrace and admit that I don’t know everything when it comes to baking!  That is part of the fun though – learning along the way.  

some of the places my recipes have been featured

Peanut butter cookies with a glass of milk

The Whole Small Batch Baking Thing (+ newly arriving gluten free & naturally sweetened recipes!)

Quite simply – because there are only two of us in the Butter and Bliss home, I choose to make smaller batches.  I believe in sharing recipes that are a reflection of me and what I would make.  And this happens to be smaller portions so we don’t have dozens of [insert treat here] sitting around, staring at us.

And, as of late, I have started to embark on a gluten free and naturally sweetened dessert journey. I have had hypothyroidism for many years, and it wasn’t until recently that I started to try to support my health through food – in an attempt to avoid unnecessary medication.

This is why you will start to see more gluten free flour blends and sweeteners like maple syrup, coconut sugar, and honey in the recipes. While I haven’t adopted a full on Paleo diet, my ingredient and recipe choices skew that way. And I am by no means a Paleo diet expert!

Furthermore, there are already a lot of recipes on the blog that have healthier ingredient choices in them. For example, whipped coconut cream instead of dairy whipped cream, and butter free frosting.

But have no fear, there are still a lot of traditional dessert recipes on the blog that use good ol’ granulated sugar and AP flour! Those will always remain here, and let’s face it, you can’t make a gluten free croissant or bagel as good as the one’s on the blog! (yes, that is just my opinion!)

Ok, that was a lot for an about me page.  I’m truly happy you’re here!

If you have questions or comments about a blog post, feel free to kindly comment on that particular post.  Otherwise, you can contact me here.