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I’m Erin, and thank you for stopping by!

I’ll start by saying I haven’t always been a fan of butter (gasp!) … I didn’t appreciate what it adds to a recipe.  I thought it was too unhealthy and I thought the butter substitutes were just as good.  Well, let’s just say I have seen the error of my ways.

I am a 100% self-taught home baker, former interior designer, proud Westie Mom, and happy & healthy lifestyle enthusiast.  I share my life with my husband and my two handsome pups, Jack & Sam.  They have all agreed to be the official Butter and Bliss Quality Control team. Translation: they eat what I bake.

Butter and Bliss grew out of my love for baking and watching cooking shows.  After experimenting in the kitchen, my sweet husband encouraged me to write about what I was learning – and thus, the blog was born.

About Butter and Bliss

Butter and Bliss is a baking blog dedicated to small batch gluten free & traditional desserts. 

When I started Butter and Bliss in 2019, I was still baking with all-purpose wheat flour.  You will find some of the most delicious (and popular recipes) prior to my gluten free journey – like the super flaky croissants, homemade seasoned bagels, and applesauce coffee cake.

It wasn’t until 2022 that I made the switch to gluten free baking after years of struggling with Hashimoto’s disease.

My goal with my small batch gluten free recipes is to create a dessert that you would never know is gluten free.  No boring, bland, cardboard-like desserts here.  And yes, they still include butter!

Every recipe is baked and created by me, in my own kitchen.  And while I don’t have a culinary background, I like to read, then read some more about new recipes, techniques, and ingredients.

Everything I write is my own opinion and I will never make any medical or scientific claims when it comes to food and the ingredients I use.  I fully embrace and admit that I don’t know everything when it comes to baking! 

Some of My Favorite Small Batch Recipes

Small Batch Gluten Free Baking & Desserts For Two

I bake small batch recipes because there are only two of us in the Butter and Bliss home.  I believe in sharing recipes that reflect me and what I make. 

My small batch recipes will yield enough for 2 to 6 people.  The chocolate pots de crème is a delicious Valentine’s Day dessert for two.  While the mini chocolate layer cake will easily serve 6 satisfying slices.

My gluten free desserts are just the same.  Small batch and perfect desserts for two.  And while there are great gluten free flour blends out there, I choose to make my own blend – with almond flour being the base of most recipes.  If you’re new to baking with almond flour, I recommend trying the almond maple cookies or chocolate cupcakes to start you off!

Though I am now focused on gluten free recipes on the blog, I do not (and will not) classify my recipes to fit specific diets.  I don’t have the experience or expertise to call recipes paleo, whole30, low fodmap, etc. 

There will continue to be butter, sugar, and eggs in my desserts.  But occasionally you will see me sneak in maple syrup, coconut sugar, or coconut milk.  Like my maple syrup caramel sauce, dairy-free strawberry ice cream and dairy-free frosting.  All just as tasty as the original!

So, whether you are here to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies just for you, or an impressive strawberry shortcake layer cake for your small celebration, I’ve got you covered with easy small batch recipes!

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