About Me

I’m Erin, and thank you for stopping by!

I am the author, baker, and photographer behind Butter and Bliss.

I started Butter and Bliss in 2019 as a personal baking blog while working in marketing and interior design. What started as a hobby has grown into a full-time career and has become a trusted source for small batch baking recipes with desserts featured on Taste of Home, The Spruce Eats, ELLE, Parade, and more!

I am a Colorado native where I live with my husband and a couple of the cutest Westies ever!

It’s All About The Desserts

Dessert is my favorite course of the meal.  I love the variety and versatility of dessert recipes.  Thinking of new and innovative ways to pair flavors and ingredients – like lemon and matcha in cookie, or chocolate and blackberry in a trifle, or vanilla, orange and gingerbread in a cake – is one of my favorite parts of recipe development. 

The other part is researching and testing how ingredients react with one another – especially in baking and desserts.  While I do believe baking is a science, I also believe in creating from-scratch desserts that are simple and approachable.

My Commitment To Small Batch Baking

Experimenting in the kitchen is where I’m most creative and I love to learn first-hand how ingredients work together.  I have devoted many hours immersing myself in culinary and baking courses, and I have taken those experiences and put them to practice with my recipes.

What I quickly realized when I started Butter and Bliss was that the standard size portions were just too much for my household of two.  My Berry Mousse Cake and Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake took the two of us months to eat!  Thank goodness for freezers!

So I went back into the kitchen, researching, testing, and developing smaller portion recipes that were better suited for two people.  And because baking is a science, simply cutting a recipe in half, may not always work.

With that, all of my recipes go through rounds of testing before they hit the blog.  Even simple recipes like strawberry lemonade or whipped coconut cream.  I want the recipes published to yield the same results in every kitchen.

Traditional and Gluten Free Desserts

Butter and Bliss started as a traditional desserts and baking blog.  Meaning, all the recipes were made with all-purpose wheat flour.  My flaky croissants and homemade bagels continue to be among the most popular recipes on the blog!

Then, in 2022, I went gluten free for a year to give my immune system a break.  With this, I became determined to create small batch gluten free recipes that you would never know are gluten free.  No boring, bland, cardboard-like desserts here!  

And while I am no longer 100% gluten free, there will continue to be a mix of traditional and gluten free recipes on the blog.  I found there are some treats that I actually prefer gluten free!  Like my gluten free pecan snowball cookies, or my gluten free flaky pie crust

Plus A Few Healthy’ish dessert recipes

There will continue to be butter, sugar, and eggs in my desserts.  But occasionally you will see me sneak in maple syrup, coconut sugar, or coconut milk.  Like my maple syrup caramel sauce, dairy-free strawberry ice cream and dairy-free frosting.  All just as tasty as the original!

Get STarted With These Desserts

A bit (more) about Me

  • I have a degree in interior design.  I worked in design for many years including owning my own business and working for home builders.
  • I can’t stand hot weather – it makes me angry.  But, I love tropical beach vacations.  Something about the ocean breeze that just makes it better!
  • My all-time favorite TV show is the Golden Girls.  Hands down, the best.
  • I live in Colorado but I don’t care for hiking, white-water rafting, or going to breweries.  I do like to ski though.
  • Pudding is my favorite dessert.  Out of all the uber-fancy desserts out there, I simply love a good chocolate pudding.
  • I can easily eat a can of black olives in one sitting.  No joke.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find a new recipe (or two!) you’ll love. And if you’re new to the blog, be sure to check out my welcome page to help you get started on your small batch baking journey.  I’m so grateful you’re here!

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