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A single strawberry cupcake on a table.

Welcome to Butter and Bliss!

And all things small batch! My name is Erin, and since 2019 I’ve tested, photographed, and published hundreds of recipes on the blog. So, whether you’re craving a quick sweet or need dessert for a cozy gathering, you’re in the right place for something delicious.

What You Will Find Here

Small Batch Baking Recipes and Desserts For Two

Everything from pretty layer cakes, to cookies, to the best cinnamon pumpkin bread – every recipe is thoughtfully created and carefully tested to serve 2 to 4 people (maybe 6, if you get sneaky and cut smaller slices!)

gluten free desserts

For a year, I switched to a gluten free diet.  And with that came a lot of tasty gluten free desserts!  And while I am no longer 100% gluten free, I will continue to develop gluten free recipes for the blog.  There are some treats that I actually prefer gluten free – like a delicate gluten free peppermint meltaway cookie and gluten free apple pie.

Rest assured that with each new gluten free recipe, it is developed to taste as good – if not better – than its traditional all-purpose wheat flour counterpart!  I create my own flour blend using single-source gluten free flours – mostly almond flour, tapioca flour, oat flour, and arrowroot flour – that yield flavorful, moist, and you’d-never-know-it-was-gluten-free treats!  

a handful of yeast bread and pastries

I love to make bread and pastries.  In fact, my homemade bagels and flaky croissants are among the most popular recipes on the blog!

easy, from-scratch recipes

Pre-made cake mixes or store-bought frosting will not show up in my recipes.  I develop recipes with simple (easy to find!) ingredients to produce the best homemade treats.

I Like To Use Maple Syrup And Coconut Cream

There are quite a few recipes where I swap maple syrup for sugar, and coconut cream for milk or cream.  Like the popular maple syrup caramel sauce, whipped coconut cream, and even the dairy-free vanilla frosting.  If I can make a healthier swap without changing the outcome of the recipe, I will.  But make no mistake, there is still plenty of butter, sugar, and dairy in my recipes!

A Few Things You Won’t Find

  • ingredient substitutions – Except in cases where I have tested or researched it – then I will reference it.  For example – the gluten free single-source flours I use do not behave the same as the cup4cup blends.   
  • specific diets – Even with my gluten free recipes, I do not claim them to fit into any diet (i.e. Paleo, Keto, Whole30, etc.).  And though a lot of my gluten free desserts are made with a paleo flour blend, I still use plenty of butter and sugar!

5 Helpful Tips To Get YOu STarted

 1.  Small Batch Baking Must-Haves

Be sure to check out my baking tools page.  This is a curated, in-depth list of all the kitchen equipment I use to make my recipes.  Small batch baking equipment is a little different than your standard – i.e. odd-size measuring spoons, or shot-glass measuring cups – because we work in smaller quantities.

2.  Double – Or Standard – Batches

I get this question a lot – can I double the recipe to make a larger batch?  First, I love that you’re visiting my recipe in the first place!  If I have tested or researched that a recipe can be doubled, I will let you know in the recipe notes. 

But more importantly, I caution you to avoid simply doubling the recipe because it may not yield the right result.  Baking is a science, and sometimes just doubling the ingredients will throw everything off.  This is especially true with the small batch gluten free recipes.

3.  If You’re New To Small Batch Baking, Start With These Recipes

4.  If You’re New To Small Batch Gluten Free Baking, Try These recipe First

5.  If You Love A Recipe, Please Let Me Know!

Not really a tip, but more of a favor!  If you make one of my recipes and enjoy it, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below the recipe – along with a STAR rating

This is helpful because it encourages more readers to try the recipe.  And, Google likes it – which means you’ll find more of my recipes in search results!  Then I can continue to provide FREE recipes for you!

I’m incredibly thankful for your support, and having you here means the world to me. Now, let’s have some fun baking and discover your future favorite sweet treat!

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