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St. Patrick’s Day Desserts – Recipe Roundup

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I’ve compiled a collection of delicious St. Patrick’s Day Desserts to enjoy while you are searching for your pot of gold!  Here’s to the luck of the Irish!

Irish Tea Cake

Of all the recipes in this collection, this is the only one that has any traditional Irish background.  The rest are just green.  

As the name implies, Irish Tea Cake was created to enjoy alongside a nice cup of tea.  What is so delightful about this cake is it is easy to make, and it is subtly sweet with notes of vanilla throughout. 

Full disclosure – this is not a small batch recipe.  However, you may not want a small batch once you have a slice.  

Lime Cracker Icebox Pie

OK – so the Lime Cracker Icebox Pie did not originate in Ireland.  At least I don’t think it did.  But it made the list of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts simply because it’s green.  Naturally green too.

This dessert is magically delicious.  The magic comes from the thick and creamy mousse that is created when you combine heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk, and fresh lime juice.  The delicious is the creamy citrus flavor you get – kind of like a creamsicle.  Add in some crackers and biscoff cookies for a bit of texture, and you have yourself one damn delightful dessert!

No-Bake Key Lime Bars

So these No-Bake Key Lime Bars are pretty darn similar to the Lime Cracker Icebox Pie.   The filling is just about identical in both – smooth and creamy with tons of lime zest. 

The notable difference is the crust on these little bars.  A toasted coconut crust really drives home the flavor of the tropics.  Not necessarily what you would think for St. Patrick’s Day, but I’m sure the Irish would love these just the same!  And I speak from experience …  

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