Cookie Butter Fudge

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Fudge may be a holiday candy staple, but this easy Cookie Butter Fudge is decadent enough to enjoy any time of year!  Rich chocolate fudge is layered with cookie butter – for a sweet, rich, and a little holiday spice bite.  

Chocolate fudge with a layer of cookie butter

Cookie Butter Fudge

I finally made fudge this year for the holidays.  A few batches actually.  And of course, I couldn’t just leave it at chocolate.  The first batch was layered with peanut butter.  I like peanut butter, but I like cookie butter even more.

What is cookie butter?  Heaven in a jar.  If you have had a Biscoff Cookie, it is basically the cookies mashed up and made into a spread.  The cookie itself is also referred to as a Speculoos (or Speculaas), and if you watch any baking programs, chances are you have heard of this before.  Especially around the holidays.

The cookie butter has complex flavors – which may be why it is hard (at least it was for me at first) to nail down what exactly the flavors are.  It is spicy and sweet, and the cookie butter itself has a velvety smooth texture.

Cookie butter flavors
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Cardamom
  • And occasionally – Pepper, Anise and Mace

When you see the list of holiday spices, do you think how great they would go with chocolate?  I did.  And Cookie Butter Fudge was born.

Stacks of holiday fudge

Easy Holiday Fudge

Like I mentioned, this was this first time I ever made fudge.  And I’m a little disappointed in myself for waiting this long.  Fudge is SO easy to make.  Sure, there are proper ways for making fudge that involve heating sugar, candy thermometers, and probably some frustration and tears because the sugar got too hot.  But there is the easy way.

Which is this recipe.

You can make easy fudge in the microwave or the stovetop.  I opted for the stovetop because I like to see what my chocolate is doing.  But let’s back up.  We are using these kitchen appliances to heat and melt the chocolate.  I found that melting the chocolate in the microwave can be hit or miss on whether or not your chocolate overheats and seizes up.

I prefer to watch my chocolate melt.  So I use a double boiler.

  • A saucepan with a couple of inches of water – brought to a low boil.
  • A mixing bowl set on top of the saucepan to melt the chocolate – and the bowl does not touch the water!

And we only need a few ingredients.  Let’s see …

What You Need To Make Cookie Butter Fudge


  • Chocolate chips – I used (and prefer) semi-sweet.  So the fudge is not cloyingly sweet.
  • Sweetened condensed milk – You will have leftovers.  I say make a different flavor of fudge!
  • Butter – I find it makes the fudge smooth and creamy.
  • Cookie butter – The star in this show.  And you can use a little/much as you like!
  • Vanilla extract and salt – To round out and balance all of the flavors.
  • Holiday sprinkles – For a special occasion.  Or just because.

Baking Equipment

  • Double boiler – See above.
  • Mini loaf pan – Because this is a small batch, I use a 3×5.5 inch mini loaf pan.  You could also use a small cake pan, or any other small baking dish.  Keep in mind, the bigger the vessel, the thinner the fudge.
  • Parchment paper
A small platter of holiday fudge

Tips For Making Homemade Fudge

  • Double boiler vs. microwave – I prefer the double boiler so I can watch the chocolate as it melts and make sure it doesn’t seize up.
  • Go lightly – When you are greasing the parchment paper.  I do this to make sure the fudge releases from the paper.  But we don’t want too much – otherwise it will leave a residue on the fudge.  
  • No layering rules – The cookie butter layer can happen any way you like.  You can do one in the middle, and more on the top if you like.  Just make sure it is sitting on some fudge to keep it in place.
  • No size rules – Cut the fudge into any size and shape you prefer.
  • Experiment with flavors – This is essentially a basic fudge recipe with some cookie butter.  From here, you can try any flavor combo you like.  How about peppermint, smore’s (little marshmallows – yes!), caramel (sneak little caramel dollops in there), peanut butter, dark chocolate … you get the idea.

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And with this recipe – we have concluded the 2020 holiday baking season!  Since this is the last post of the year, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year!  
A piece of cookie butter fudge
A large slice of cookie butter fudge
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Cookie Butter Fudge

Yield: 1 3 x 5.5 Inch Loaf Pan
Fudge may be a holiday candy staple, but this easy Cookie Butter Fudge is decadent enough to enjoy any time of year!  Rich chocolate fudge is layered with cookie butter – for a sweet, rich, and a little holiday spice bite.  
Prep20 minutes
Chill Time2 hours
Total2 hours 20 minutes



  • Line mini loaf pan with a piece of parchment paper – long enough so it hangs over the sides of the pan. This creates a sling to easily lift the fudge out of the pan when it is set. Lightly grease the paper and pan with soft butter or butter cooking spray.
  • Create a double boiler to melt the chocolate – bring about 2 inches of water to a low boil/simmer in a medium saucepan. Set a mixing bowl on top of the saucepan – one that is large enough so the bottom doesn't touch the water.
  • Add the chocolate chips and butter to the mixing bowl. Stir with a spatula and heat until the butter is melted and the chocolate chips are mostly melted. Don't let the chocolate chips heat too long, or they will seize up. Pour in the sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and salt, and stir until combined and smooth.
  • While the chocolate chips are melting, heat the cookie butter in a small microwave safe bowl for about 15 seconds – until is loosens.
  • Remove the mixing bowl from the saucepan. Pour 1/3 of the chocolate into the prepared mini loaf pan. Drop dollops of the heated cookie butter on top of the chocolate. Pour the remaining chocolate on top of the cookie butter. Swirl the top of the fudge with a toothpick to blend the cookie butter and top layer of fudge. Sprinkle with holiday sprinkles (optional).
  • Refrigerate the fudge until it is set – at least 1 to 2 hours. Overnight is best.
  • When the fudge is set, gently lift it out of the pan using the parchment paper sling. Cut into desired shapes and sizes. Enjoy!
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