Peach and Citrus Refresher

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Sipping on a Peach and Citrus Refresher is a great way to beat the summer heat!  These frozen drinks are refreshing, easy to make, and provide a vibrant yet smooth sip that will have you making a double batch.  Tajin Sugar lines the rim of the glass to amp up the citrus with a mild sweet and savory sip.

Peach and citrus refresher in a glass with sugar rim

Summer Peach and Citrus Frozen Refresher

A cool frozen drink is almost a must on a hot summer day.  And don’t let the fancy name of Refresher fool you – this recipe for a Summer Peach and Citrus Refresher couldn’t be easier.  3 ingredients – 6 if you count the optional garnishes – and a blender is all you need.  And much like the other drink recipes on the blog, this peach drink recipe is essentially a guide to light and refreshing summer drink!

Frozen peaches are the main ingredient in this summer drink.  And while I recommend frozen peaches to give you the cool frozen drink, you can sub in fresh peaches if you prefer.  Then to add another key summer flavor, we add lemonade to pair with the light peaches.  Rounding out the 3 ingredients is coconut milk.  Why coconut milk?  To add a faint creamy element to the refresher, which also balances the tangy lemonade.  

Two peach and citrus refreshers in small glasses

What You Need To Make Peach Refresher

With just a few ingredients, you can start enjoying your Peach and Citrus Refresher in less than 10 minutes!

  • Frozen Peaches – Since this is a frozen drink, I recommend frozen peaches – one 16 ounce bag.  You could use fresh peaches, for a non-frozen drink.
  • Lemonade – Your favorite store bought lemonade works great!
  • Coconut Milk – Carton or canned coconut milk can work.  I used unsweetened carton coconut milk.  The coconut milk balances out the tartness from the lemonade – making this a smooth and refreshing drink.  
  • Fresh Peach – This is totally optional, if you want a few peach slices to garnish your beverage.
  • Tajin Seasoning – Adds a mild tang to the drink and when mixed with sugar, is a delicious accompaniment on the rim of the glass.
  • Granulated Sugar  – For the Tajin Sugar rim.
  • Lemon Wedge – Optional as well, but a great way to moisten the rim of the glass to the Tajin Sugar adheres to the rim.

What Is Tajin

Tajin Seasoning is a classic Mexican seasoning made from chili peppers, lime, and sea salt.  It is a balanced and mild seasoning that tastes great on a variety of foods – including something sweet!  I use it on a variety of savory dishes, and have also sprinkled it over fresh fruit.  Plus, it is delicious lining the rim of a Mango Margarita glass!

Even though it is made with chili peppers, the spice level is very mild.  The lime adds a citrus kick, and the sea salt brings the two together.  And I don’t know about you, but I love something that is sweet and salty.  Which is why combining the Tajin with sugar and adding it to the rim of the glass for the Peach and Citrus Refreshers is perfect.  There is a level of complexity with all of the flavors in this single drink, and yet the refresher is extremely balanced and smooth.

Tips For Making Peach and Citrus Refresher

  • Use frozen peaches – This is a frozen drink after all.  And there is nothing more refreshing than a smooth frozen drink to beat the summer heat!
  • Store bought lemonade is great – No need to get too fancy with these Peach Refreshers.  I like to use store-bought lemonade, and the Simply brand is my favorite because it is not overly sweet.
  • Try with the coconut milk – I like to use coconut milk because it balances out the tartness of the lemonade without overpowering the flavor.  And I like how carton coconut milk is smooth and creamy.  You can certainly omit this, or try with a dairy/non-dairy beverage of your choice.
  • Tajin is a must – You may find you clean the rim of the glass before you even take a sip!  The tajin is zesty, mild, and a delicious mix of sweet and salt.
  • Chill the serving glasses – This is just a nice tip to keep the frozen drink cool.  Refrigerate your serving glasses for a few minutes before serving the refreshers.
  • Garnish with fresh peach slices – An optional step, but fresh peach slices make a pretty presentation.

perfect drink on a hot summer day!

Top of frozen fruit summer beverage

Common Questions For Making Peach and Citrus Refresher

Can the recipe be doubled to make a larger batch?

No problem!

Do I have to use frozen peaches?

If you want a frozen drink, yes. If you want to make a blended drink, you can opt for fresh peaches. I would recommend peeling the peaches if you go this route.

Is the coconut milk necessary?

It is not, but I find it makes the Peach Refresher smooth and balances out the tartness of the lemonade.

What if all I have is canned coconut milk, will that work?

Yes, it will work. Just shake the can of coconut milk to make sure it is blended well.

I want to make homemade lemonade. Do you have a recipe for that?

I do! My Ginger Lemonade recipe will work – just omit the ginger (or leave it in for an even zestier beverage)!

Is the Tajin Seasoning spicy?

It is not. I find it is more zesty and tangy than spicy.

How do I get the Tajin Sugar to stick to the rim of the glasses?

You can either use a lemon wedge or peach slice, and run it around the top of the glass. Then dip and your glass in the Tajin Sugar.

Is there another option for the Tajin Sugar?

If you don’t want to try the Tajin, you could make a mix of sugar and lime or lemon zest.

Can a different fruit be used for this refresher recipe?

Of course! I think any frozen fruit would be delicious.

Can I add alcohol to the Peach Refresher to make an adult version?

You can! A splash of sparkling wine/champagne on top would be nice. Or I think Tequila, Vodka, and even Rum would work.

Frozen peach refresher with Tajin Sugar rim

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Single peach and citrus refresher with sugar tajin rim
Single peach and citrus refresher with sugar tajin rim
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Peach and Citrus Refersher

Yield: 2 Drinks
Sipping on a Peach and Citrus Refresher is a great way to beat the summer heat!  These frozen drinks are refreshing, easy to make, and provide a vibrant yet smooth sip that will have you making a double batch.  Tajin Sugar lines the rim of the glass to amp up the citrus with a mild sweet and savory sip.
Prep10 minutes
Cook0 minutes
0 minutes
Total10 minutes


  • 2 – Serving Glasses


  • 16 ounces frozen peaches
  • 1 and 1/2 cups lemonade
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened carton coconut milk
  • Fresh peach slices (optional – for garnish)
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons Tajin Seasoning (for rim of glass – more or less to taste)
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons Granulated Sugar (for rim of glass – more or less to taste)


  • In a blender, add the frozen peaches, lemonade, and coconut milk. Blend until smooth.
  • In a small shallow dish, stir together the Tajin seasoning and sugar. You can use the peach slice to moisten the rim of the glasses, so the Tajin Sugar sticks. Swirl the rim of the glasses in the Tajin Sugar.
  • Pour the peach refresher into the prepared serving glasses, top with peach slices (if using), and enjoy!
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