Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies

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Simple Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies are a refreshing way to cool down on a hot day – or celebrate the 4th of July.  Fresh frozen watermelon is combined with lime juice and honey for a tart and sweet frozen beverage. Top with whipped cream, and you have a treat that is reminiscent of an ice cream float!

Healthy Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies

Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies

Summer and watermelon go together like peas and carrots.  And what better way to celebrate the beautiful summer melon than with a refreshing frozen drink!?  Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies combines three flavors that are just as natural together as well.  Specifically, watermelon and lime.  Watermelon has such a pronounced sweetness that the tartness of the lime tames it while preserving the fresh flavor of both.  

With all of the tempting detail on the flavor of these slushies, there is one more – probably the most important – detail on what the slushies taste like.  Mr. Misty Floats from Dairy Queen.  However, sadly it seems the iconic Mr. Misty Float has been retired from DQ’s menu.  But I’m sure if you request one, they will still make it for you.  🙂  There is the Mr. Misty Freeze – which is basically the float, but the ice cream mixed in.  

When you add the whipped cream on top of the slushies, inevitably it will get mixed in as you sip.  When this happens, it is a refreshing and creamy surprise that will keep you sipping until you need to make more!  With all that, go ahead and pile on the whipped cream!

Frozen Watermelon and Lime Beverage

Healthy Frozen Watermelon Beverage

I have rambled on about the flavor of the Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies, and I have yet to point out that this recipe is actually healthy’ish.  Certainly more so than its DQ cousin!   The slushies are refined sugar-free (sweetened with honey), and the whipped cream is made from coconut cream.  And the remainder of the ingredients is fresh fruit (watermelon and lime).  So, go ahead and have a few slushies.  Consider these your daily requirement of fruit! (I’m not a Dr., so all of that is an opinion and hypothetical 🙂 ).

And yes, I know that there is still ‘sugar’ in the fruit and the honey, but to be clear nothing is refined or over-processed.  I’m sure if I Google the sugar content of watermelon compared to other fruit, it is probably pretty high.  Yet, my goal for this recipe was to create a refreshing frozen summer beverage!

Easy 3-Ingredient Frozen Slushie

Ok, 4 to be technical if you want to count the whipped cream, but I don’t want to get technical.

  1. Fresh Watermelon – and I should say seedless unless you want to take time to pick the seeds out.  Here is a great article on how to pick a good watermelon, full of flavor.  
  2. Fresh Lime Juice – it doesn’t have to be fresh, but there is nothing better than a fresh lime!
  3. Honey – I chose honey over my go-to maple syrup, because of the flavor profile.  Honey has more floral and citrus undertones, which pair beautifully with the melon and lime.  
Kid Friendly Watermelon Slushies

4th of July Frozen Drink

It goes without saying, that the Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies is the perfect color palette to celebrate the 4th of July!  Not to mention, watermelon is a popular dish at any July 4th bbq, so let’s make them into a beverage.  As is, the recipe is kid-friendly. 

But I get that summer bbq’s and watching fireworks may be best enjoyed with a little ‘spirit’ in your glass.  So, go ahead, and make this adult-friendly by adding your favorite booze.  

Keep in mind, the slushie doesn’t have to be served at only your 4th bbq.  In fact,  there really are no hard-pressed rules for a slushie recipe.  You can get creative and use any fruit in combination with any sweetener, plus other add-in flavors. 

So, have fun this summer and experiment with your favorite flavor combos!  The only requirement – make it frozen so it keeps you cool.  

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Summer Watermelon Honey Lime  Drink

Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies

Yield: 2 Slushies
Simple and refreshing Watermelon Honey Lime Slushies are a delicious way to cool down on a hot day! Fresh frozen watermelon is combined with lime juice and honey for a tart and sweet frozen beverage. Top with whipped cream, and you have a frozen drink that is reminiscent of an ice cream float!
Prep10 mins
Freezing Time6 hrs
Total6 hrs 10 mins


  • 2 – Serving Glasses


  • 4 cups fresh watermelon, cubed and frozen
  • 2 tablespoons honey (more or less to taste)
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice (more or less to taste)

Whipped Coconut Cream (or any whipped cream topping)


    • Cube the fresh watermelon and freeze for at least 6 hours.
    • Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Add more lime juice and/or honey based on your taste preferences.
    • Serve in glasses and top with Whipped Coconut Cream – or a whipped toping of your choice – and enjoy!
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    • This recipe can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, etc. – based on the number of slushies you want.
    • I love the flavor combo of watermelon and lime, which is why I use 2 tablespoons of lime juice.  You can adjust the amount based on your taste preference.
    • If you chose to top with the Whipped Coconut Cream, you can substitute the maple syrup in that recipe with honey 1:1 – to stay within the same flavor profile of the slushie.
    • When combined with whipped cream, the slushie has a delightful flavor like an ice cream float, or Mr. Misty Float (or Freeze)!
    Course: Drinks
    Cuisine: American
    Author: Erin Cernich

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