Best Gifts for Small Batch Bakers

I’ve put together an incredible list of gifts for a baker that are designed for the small batch baking connoisseur in your life!  Small batch baking requires the right tools and equipment, and these gift ideas are designed to surprise and delight your baker this holiday season.  Everything from mini cake pans to the cutest little rolling pin you have ever seen!  

Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Small Batch Baker

Tis’ the season to make your gifts for a baker list!  Better yet – these gift ideas are unique to the small batch baker in your life.  Even though we make small batch showpieces, we still need all of the baking accoutrements that any baker would need!

And while I have a few resources for all the must-have small batch baking essentials on the blog, this collection of gift ideas lends itself to be more Christmas-present worthy.  Think fun, fancy, and items that your baker may not buy for themselves.

Small Kitchen Appliances Every Small Batch Baker Should Have

Collage of small appliances for small batch baking.

Imagine the delight when your small batch baker opens these gifts.  Tools of the baking trade that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves!

  1. Stand Mixer – The Mini Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is almost a must-have in every small batch bakers kitchen.  It features a 3.5 quart mixing bowl that makes mixing small batch batters much more effective.  Does your baker already have a standard size Kitchenaid Stand Mixer?  Get them a 3-quart mixing bowl for small batch batters.  It works on standard mixer and attachements!
  2. Hand Mixer – The hand mixer I use (and love!) is the Breville Hand Mixer.  With a digital display and pause button, it’s like it knows everything I need!
  3. Food Processor – Another Breville – because they are worth it!  This food processor comes with a 12-cup and 2.5-cup work bowl.  Ideal for those small batch pie doughs or to grind your oats into flour!
  4. Small Blender – I have had my small NutriBullet blender for years.  It does double duty for smoothies and as a back up to my spice grinder and food processor.
  5. Spice Grinder – I may use the spice grinder more than any small appliance.  I use it to grind freeze-dried fruit, chop nuts, and of course – grind coffee!

Mini Baking Sheets and Pans

Pictures of baking sheets and pans for holiday gifts.

The number one requirement to make a small batch anything – a small baking pan!  And these mini pans serve double duty to make cakes, brownies, bundts, and bars.

  1. Small Baking Sheets – The Nordic Ware half size and quarter size baking sheets are the best baking sheets for small batches of cookies.  They are heavy duty and the lip edge is great for keeping cookies from sliding off the pan!
  2. 6-Inch Cake Pans – EVERY small batch baker will need (and want) small cake pans.  Wilton makes a 6-inch square and round cake pan.  And I highly recommend more than one as a gift for your baker!
  3. Small Springform Pans – For small batch baking, 6-inch springform and 4-inch springform pans make great gifts!
  4. Mini Bundt Pan – Even a small batch baker wants to present a lovely mini bundt.  The 6-inch bundt pan presents the cutest little cakes!
  5. Mini Loaf Pans – The small loaf pans are a must for mini loaves and they make a great vessel to make a small batch of fudge!

Pretty Presentation gifts for a baker

Isn’t the saying you eat with your eyes first?  Well, imagine that incredible holiday layer cake presented on an incredible cake stand!  These gifts will surprise and delight any baker.

  1. Mini Cake Stand – Beautiful 6-inch cake stands highlight the delicious mini cakes for your baker.  Choose a set of different colors to give your baker choice!
  2. Cupcake Stands – And even the small batch of cupcakes need to be on display, and these unique cupcake stands make sweet gifts for a baker.
  3. Small Ceramic Pie Dishes – The small pie dishes are incredibly versatile and work for pies, crisps, and cobblers.
  4. Mini Casserole Dishes – The cute crockery can work for crisps and cobblers, brownies and bars – but also serving platters for a small batch of cookies!

Measuring and Mixing

Small batch mixing and measuring tools in a photo collage.

We can’t take for granted that your small batch baker needs smaller accessories to measure and mix their batters!  I’d go so far as labeling these gifts as the workhorses in your small batch bakers kitchen.

  1. Odd Size Measuring Spoons – My recommendation here:  gift your baker a few sets of these odd size measuring spoons – the 1/8 teaspoon and pinch teaspoon will get used frequently!
  2. Mini Whisks – A small batch batter doesn’t need overly large mixing tools.  I may have close to a dozen of these mini whisks … I like to think of these whisks as priority gifts for a small batch baker!
  3. Mini Spatulas and Mixing Spoons – Just like the mini whisk, we small batch bakers need mini mixing spatulas and spoons to make our batter.
  4. Set of Mixing Bowls – Another gift that I recommend buying multiple quantities.  Every baker benefits from a variety of mixing bowls.  And if they come with lids, even better!
  5. Shot Glass Measuring Cups – The small batch baker tends to measure their liquids in tablespoons and these (adorable) shot glass measuring cups are ideal.

The (Often) Overlooked Baking Accessories

Photos for baking accessories that make great gifts for a baker.

Perhaps the most exciting gift your baker will receive is the the mini rolling pin.  I mean, does it get any cuter?!  And while these may not seem like the most exciting gifts, they are often the ones that you may have heard your baker say I wish I had that.

  1. Small Rolling Pin – Maybe the rolling pin itself seems like a baker’s staple.  But ever try to roll out a small batch of Christmas cut out cookies with an extra large rolling pin?!  Your baker will be so thankful for this small rolling pin!
  2. Biscuit Cutters – This biscuit cutter set doesn’t necessary need to be used for only biscuits.  It works great to cut out (and even shape) cookies and the variety of sizes gives your baker more than one option.
  3. Piping Bags & Tips – Just because they are small batch masterpieces, doesn’t mean we don’t want to decorate them pretty!  This easy-to-store set of piping bags and tips is a great gift idea for a small batch baker.
  4. Silicone Rolling Mat – And most importantly – non-slip!  Even though this is a standard size rolling mat, the beauty of it is the measurements on the mat!

Happy Holiday’s and Happy Shopping my friends! 

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