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Best Holiday Gifts for Bakers

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As a professional baker, I have purchased and received many wonderful gifts to help me in the kitchen.  And with the holidays fast approaching, I’ve put together an incredible list of the best gifts for bakers.  You’ll find baking gift ideas for the traditional and small batch baker in your life – everything from mini cake pans to the powerful small appliances every baker needs!  

A collage of the best baking gift ideas for a baker.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Baker

Tis’ the season to make your gifts for a baker list!  Better yet – these gift ideas are unique and work for the traditional and small batch baker (that’s me!) in your life.  I mean, even though I make small batch showpieces, I still need all of the baking accoutrements that any baker would need!

And while I have a few resources for all the must-have small batch baking essentials on the blog, this collection of gift ideas lends itself to be more Christmas-present worthy.  Think fun, fancy, and items that your baker may not buy for themselves.

All of these gift ideas are what I use in my own kitchen, or have heard wonderful things about and I have a little bakers envy!  Most of the links are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases – at no additional cost to you.

Happy Holiday’s and Happy Shopping my friends! 

Small Kitchen Appliances Every Baker Should Have

Imagine the delight when your baker opens these gifts.  These gifts are tools of the baking trade – often considered the workhorses – and often, something your baker wouldn’t buy for themselves!

kitchenaid 3-quart mixing bowl

a must-have with a standard tilt-head mixer.

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breville hand mixer

my favorite kitchen tool!

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breville food processor

a worthy multi-use investment.

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mini spice grinder

perfect for nuts, freeze-dried fruit, and spices.

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Mini Baking Sheets and Pans

The number one requirement to bake almost anything – a baking pan!  These baking pans work double-duty and can make standard size bakes, or my small batch baking recipes.

  1. Rimmed Baking Sheets – I love the Nordic Ware half size and quarter size baking sheets because of the rim – they are heavy duty and nothing can slide off the pan!  These sizes work great for standard and small batches of cookies, or small sheet cakes!  
  2. 6-Inch Cake Pans – EVERY small batch baker will need (and want) small cake pans.  Wilton makes a 6-inch square and round cake pan.  And I highly recommend more than one as a gift for your baker!
  3. Small Springform Pans – For small batch baking, 6-inch springform and 4-inch springform pans make great gifts!
  4. 9×5 Loaf Pan – The 9×5-inch loaf pan is great for your standard size loaf cake.  But the pan also works wonders to  bake a mini cake!
  5. Mini Loaf Pans – The small loaf pans are a must for mini loaves and they make a great vessel to make a small batch of fudge!

Pretty Presentation gifts for a baker

Isn’t the saying you eat with your eyes first?  Well, imagine that incredible holiday layer cake presented on an equally incredible cake stand!  These gifts will surprise and delight any baker.

mini casserole dish

great for cobblers & crisps.

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mini pie dishes

great for single serving pies, crisps and cobblers.

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6-Inch Cake Plate

beautiful dish to display your cakes!

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Cupcake Stand

sweet little dishes to show off cupcakes!

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Measuring and Mixing

We can’t take for granted that your small batch baker needs smaller accessories to measure and mix their batters.  The whisks and spoons make wonderful stocking stuffers!  And your baker will appreciate multiple sets so they don’t have to clean in between mixing!

mixing bowls

variety of sizes with lids!

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odd-size measuring spoons

a must for small batch baking.

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shot glass measuring cup

essential for small quantity liquids.

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mini hand whisk

perfect for small batch batter.

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mini spatulas & spoons

small size perfect for smaller batters.

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The (Often) Overlooked Baking Accessories

These baking gifts may not seem all that exciting, but I can assure you, your baker will be so happy to have them!  Chances are, your baker has been heard saying, I wish I had that.  I know I have – especially with the sweet, and oh-so-necessary, mini rolling pin!

large and small rolling pin

a must for croissants & small batch doughs.

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silicone rolling mat

non-slip & has measurements!

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Wilton Piping Bag & Tips Set

variety of tips & easy to store.

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