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10 Cakes Perfect for Mother’s Day

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What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a lovely, refreshing cake!  Mom’s deserve to have a little slice of heaven and I have compiled a list of 10 Cakes Perfect for Mother’s Day.  

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  So that can mean only one thing.  Cake.  Well, maybe not just one thing, but cake is a must-have at any celebration.  And when it is Mother’s Day, it is reason enough to amp up your celebration with a beautifully baked and designed cake. 

With that, I’ve put together a few ideas.  Some are from my own little kitchen and some are from fellow food bloggers that I aspire to be.  🙂

1.  Butter and Bliss –  Berry Mousse Cake

Starting the list of 10 Cakes Perfect for Mother’s Day is one from yours truly, my Berry and Mousse Cake. This cake is still my favorite.  And it may be a while before I bake one that will take its place.  The reason I love this cake so much is that it is light and fruity.  And I’m not talking whipped cream with some berries.  I’m talking a mixed berry mousse.  When the mousse sets, it’s like eating a cloud of refreshing berries.  And the genoise sponge … a perfectly delicate cake yet is somehow magically sturdy enough to hold the pillow of mousse.  Perfection.

Kat | The Loopy Whisk – Vegan Raspberry and Lemon Cake

2.  Kat | The Loopy Whisk – Vegan Raspberry and Lemon Cake

If you have not visited Kat over at the Loopy Whisk, you must.  She makes the most decadent, dietary friendly recipes.  

Kat’s Vegan Raspberry and Lemon Cake is by far, the most stunning vegan cake I have ever seen.  She has packed so much flavor into this cake, and when you look at it, all you can think is ‘how refreshingly beautiful is that cake’! The sponge is flavored with lemon, topped with vegan lemon curd (ya-umm!) and the outside of the cake is a perfect raspberry vegan frosting.  Add in some fresh berries, and you will definitely have a showstopper at your Mother’s Day brunch!   

Love & Olive Oil – Sakura Matcha Mousse Cake

3.  Love & Olive Oil – Sakura Matcha Mousse Cake

Ok.  Have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as that green matcha sponge cake, with the pretty pink swirl mousse on top?!  Lindsay from Love & Olive Oil really nailed this one.  

Lindsay’s Sakura Match Mousse Cake starts with a delicate layer of sponge cake that is infused with matcha green tea and Sakura.  Which, as Lindsay describes it, is a subtle cherry blossom flavor.  Then she goes ahead and makes this beauty even more fabulous with a light and airy mascarpone mousse with a lightly flavored swirl of cherry mousse.  Can I have this even it if is not Mother’s Day?!

sallys baking addiction - vanilla naked cake
Sally’s Baking Addiction – Vanilla Naked Cake

4.  Sally’s Baking Addiction – Vanilla Naked Cake

Sally’s Baking Addiction has mastered the art of making really good cake.  She is sheer perfection when it comes to her recipes and tutorials.  

Sally’s Vanilla Naked Cake is a thing of beauty.  What’s even better, is it is not an overly fussy cake.  She takes her vanilla cake sponge recipe to make the cake layers.  Then she tucks fresh raspberries between each layer.  Topping it off is her perfect vanilla buttercream. Voila!  But wait, she has masterfully frosted the cake ‘naked’.  This is awesome because you get a sneak peek at the delight you are about to enjoy!  You’re welcome, Mom!   

Tutti Dolci – Rum Tangerine Layer Cake

5.  Tutti Dolci – Rum Tangerine Layer Cake

Talk about an insta-worthy cake!  And Tutti Dolci can always be counted on to create beautiful desserts!  

Her Rum Tangerine Layer Cake may be the cake you need for Mother’s Day to give Mom a little ‘spirit’.  As the name implies, there is a splash of rum in the cake, along with refreshing pineapple.  Can you just picture yourself sitting on the beach … um, I mean gathered around celebrating Mom?!  In keeping with the tropical delight of this cake, the cake layers are brushed with tangerine and rum infused syrup.  But wait.  There’s more!  The cake is frosted with a tangerine zest buttercream.  Yes, please!

Chocolate cake slice with four layers

6.  Butter and Bliss – Mini Chocolate Mint Cake

I originally made this cake to celebrate the Kentucky Derby.  But after devouring it, I realized it could not be isolated to only one celebration.

The Mini Chocolate Mint Cake is just that – mini and minty.  This could be a good thing if your plan is to just deliver a cake to Mom, plus the flowers of course.  🙂  The chocolate cake layers are tender and moist, but the most exciting part of this cake is the mint meringue frosting.  A light an airy mint meringue that has just enough butter to give it structure to frost the cake.  Ok.  You can pretend it is still Derby time and pair a slice with a Mint Julep.  

Beautiful whole orange butter cake made in a bundt pan on a wood tray.

7.  Butter and Bliss – Whole Orange Butter Cake

Are you catching on to the refreshing theme in this list of 10 Cakes Perfect for Mother’s Day?  If not, this Whole Orange Butter Cake will make you a believer.  Because you guessed it, there is a whole orange in this cake.

Don’t let that scare you.  You need, and want, the whole orange in this cake.  The layers in the orange equally add layers of flavor, and each compliment the other in a way that can only be described as delicious.  And why not add some more tart and sweet orange flavor by drizzling the cake with an orange zest glaze.   Mom will get a healthy dose of Vitamin C with this cake!  (maybe, I’m not sure.  I’m not a doctor …).

Tropical icebox cake slice on a plate

8.  Butter and Bliss – Pineapple Mango Icebox Cake

This little Pineapple Mango Icebox Cake is proving to be pretty popular.  And rightfully so.  It is light, fluffy, easy, and full of refreshing tropical flavors.  

This cake is almost no bake.  You will want to bake the crust for a few minutes just so the coconut toasts up.  Other than that, you are basically just whipping cream to make pineapple and mango clouds.  And in true icebox cake style, there are vanilla graham crackers nestled between layers.  Probably a pretty convenient way to make a cake for Mom when you have other stuff cooking in the oven!

9.  Butter and Bliss – Mini Angel Food Cake

Another mini cake for your list of cakes for Mom.  Even though it is mini, it packs a big punch.  Corny.  But seriously, it does.  

Even with the light and delicate angel food cake, you get such depth of flavor and sweetness.  This Mini Angel Food Cake recipe also adds another dimension of light and sweet with the Blueberry Whipped Coconut Cream topping.  Think of the possibilities when it comes to adorning this angel food cake to impress Mom!  Flowers, more fruit, different whipped topping flavor, sprinkles … you name it, Mom will be so proud of you!

Single slice of orange olive oil cake on a plate

10.  Butter and Bliss – Olive Oil Orange Cake

Rounding out our list of cakes for Mom is our Olive Oil Orange Cake.  I can’t say for certain this is the healthiest cake on the list, but it is sweetened only with honey and orange juice.  So maybe you could have a slice of this for a breakfast celebration?  

Any way and time you do slice it, the lightly sweet cake also has cornmeal added to give it hearty texture.  And the olive oil is used primarily to keep the cake moist.  Though you do pick up a light flavor, which works harmoniously with the fresh orange.  So maybe not breakfast.  Maybe it is a side for dinner.  Oh, I don’t know.  So many options … 🙂

All that said, Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful Mom’s out there!  Now let’s go eat some cake!

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