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Easy Homemade Desserts

We all can use some Easy Homemade Desserts right now.   I’ve compiled some of the easiest recipes for small batch cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pudding, and mousse treats.    

Easy Homemade Desserts – Small Batch Cookies

The hardest part of these cookie recipes is waiting for them to bake.  And I’ve said it time and time again – small batch recipes are awesome.  A way to enjoy a variety of desserts without mass quantities!

Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Cookies

The name says it all – you don’t need flour for these little cookies.  The cookies are made with egg whites, which give them their flaky and chewy texture.  I like to think of them as the best part of a brownie – the crinkly top!

Oatmeal Nutella Cream Sandwich Cookies

Perhaps my favorite cookie recipe so far.  The Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies are the only treats I like in her line up … I know, gasp!  Now, I’m not claiming that these taste just like hers, but they are a pretty delicious alternative, I must say.  And with a Nutella Cream filling … forget about it!

Small Batch Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking for a bakery-style chocolate chip cookie?  You know the one – chewy with slightly crispy edges.  Well, look no further.  And I’ll let you in on the secret – we use bread flour for these cookies.  However, you’ll be in on the secret once you see the recipe … 🙂

Easy Homemade Desserts – Cakes and Cupcakes for Two

Honey Orange Snack Cake

Sometimes you just need a slice of cake.  I guess that is where snack cake came from – though, can’t be certain.  Either way, the bright orange and honey flavor of this little cake is sure to satisfy your craving!

Patriotic Berry Cake For Two

I realize it is a little early for a patriotic cake.  Then again, it is never too early for a cake with fresh berries and whipped cream!  The cake is light and tender and the perfect way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Small Batch Strawberry Cupcakes

I should call these Strawberry, Strawberry cupcakes.  Fresh strawberries make these delightful little cupcakes and frosting.  

Vanilla Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super simple and super versatile.  We lighten up the cake batter with a little sparkling water – and you can use any flavor you like.  Imagine the possibilities … 🙂

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