10 Favorite Winter Baking Recipes

I’ve curated my favorite recipes from my winter baking collection in this roundup.  Sweet and savory, gluten free and traditional – there’s something for everyone! 

Collage of traditional and gluten free winter baking desserts.

Winter Baking Recipes

Ever wonder what a food blogger’s favorite recipes are?  While I tend to think of each recipe like a child and each one is the best, this list is a testament to the recipes that I adore.  Each is made multiple times, and when I’m craving something sweet, it’s usually one of these delights I go to first.

I find there is a consistent pattern in each of these:

  • Easy – Even the croissants are relatively easy to make.  
  • Healthier Slant – Whether its fruit or refined sugar-free, these recipes don’t contain copious amounts of sugar and fat.  Except for the croissants.  Those buttery, wonderful croissants!
  • Simple Flavors – Each recipe has a single forward-flavor.  
  • Versatile Treats – Most of these recipes are great for breakfast or dessert.  Or, any time in between!

Now, go and enjoy these recipes while the weather is still calling for chocolate, caramel, butter, and delightful seasonal fruit!

1. Maple Cinnamon Baked Pears

Baked pears in a serving bowl with a dollop of whipped cream set on a table.

These baked pears feature my favorite dessert trifecta – easy, healthier, and utterly decadent.  You take one of the best winter fruits – the pear – and saturate it with butter, spices, and maple syrup.  The result?  Softened pears swimming in maple syrup caramel sauce.  Winter baking at its finest!

2. Easy Buttermilk Biscuits

Stack of buttermilk biscuits

While buttermilk biscuits may not feature cozy winter spices, they do feature dozens of flaky and buttery layers.  Which is comforting in its own right!  Imagine soft and tender biscuits smothered with melted butter with a little drizzle of maple syrup caramel sauce.  Or, I suppose you can keep them in their natural form and make a delectable breakfast sandwich.

3. Fudgy Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten free brownies cut into bars on a table

My delight is hardly contained with how fudgy these gluten free and refined sugar free brownies are.  The small batch recipe comes in a respectable third on my favorite winter baking recipes list because of how much they taste like a traditional brownie.  The best part (aside from the fudge-like center) – the flaky chocolate brownie top.  The epitome of a wonderful chocolate bar!

4. Gluten Free Almond Coffee Cake

Slices of gluten free almond coffee cake stacked on a wire cooling rack.

I love sweet treats for breakfast.  Any time I can dunk a confection in my coffee, it’s a good start to my day!  This small batch and gluten free almond coffee cake features a densely soft cake layered with cinnamon sugar and almond streusel.  And with all that, the spotlight of this breakfast cake is the insanely good almond flavor.  

5. Dark Chocolate Pots de Crème

Single serving of chocolate pots de creme in a small dish with whipped cream and strawberry.

It’s only appropriate that a chocolate dessert designed just for two would end up on my top 10 winter baking recipes list.  It is ideal for Valentine’s Day, but then again, silky chocolate custard is ideal any time of the year!  The chocolate pots de creme recipe is in effect a baked pudding.  But, not your pudding in small cup.  The most luxurious pudding with the taste and texture of a 5-star restaurant, but in reality, a simple dessert baked with love in your own kitchen!

6. Flaky Croissants

Fresh baked croissants on a serving plate

These flaky croissants are the most popular recipe on the blog.  And rightfully so.  A generous amount of flaky layers made with a generous amount of butter.  The recipe is designed to make even the most novice baker feel like a trained pastry chef.  So while the snow is falling outside, whip up a batch of light-as-air pastries to go with your hot apple cider.

7. Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

A stack of flourless peanut butter cookies set next to a glass of milk.

Next to the baked pears on this winter baking list, these flourless peanut butter cookies may be the easiest recipe to make the cut.  In just 15 minutes and only a few ingredients, you can have tender and crisp cookies.  Not to mention, the cookies are naturally gluten free and versatile enough to taste equally delicious when you add a little cinnamon, or drizzle with a little melted chocolate.

8. Maple Cinnamon Gluten Free Bread

Top view of gluten free maple cinnamon bread slices on a cutting board

Another gluten free recipe on the list (and on the blog!) that does not taste gluten free.  This recipe is made with a blend of almond flour and sweet rice flour.  The result is a sturdy mini bread that is sublimely moist, buttery, soft, and finished with a maple cinnamon glaze.  

Caramel apple oatmeal cookie skillet with scoops of vanilla ice cream on a table.

A cookie in a mini cast iron skillet is delightful enough.  But when it’s a caramelly soft oatmeal cookie dotted with apples, you may have the ideal winter baking recipe!  The baked oatmeal cookie has a texture that pairs well with a dollop (or two!) of ice cream on top and is best eaten with a spoon.  Apples, spices, maple syrup, and butter have all the makings of the best oatmeal cookie!

10. Winter Citrus Cream Tart

Close up of winter citrus cream tart

To conclude the list of my favorite winter baking recipes, I had to go with a dessert that is light, refreshing, and celebrates winter citrus.  The base of the winter citrus and cream tart is a whipped coconut cream flavored with honey and lime.  To carry the flavors, the bright winter citrus is drizzled with same flavors.  Keeping it all intact is an incredibly easy gluten free oatmeal crust that allows all the flavors to shine!

So, there you have it!  My favorite winter desserts.  I love this time of year for baking.  I can still use some of the wonderful spices and flavors from fall and Christmas.  But now I get to lighten things up with fruit and a couple new year’s resolutions!  wink

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